Cabinet Features to Transform Your Kitchen

Looking for inspiration to make your new kitchen cabinets efficient and functional? Here are a few essential features to maximize storage and organization in your brand new kitchen from All Inclusive Kitchens.


The building blocks of kitchen organization, drawers have many features and functions. They can hold almost anything and can be configured in single, three, or four drawers of different sizes for utilities – a drawer for utensils doesn’t need to be as large as one for pots and plasticware. With build-in or store-bought dividers, you’ll always know where everything is and won’t need to spend time sifting through piles of spoons to find the right one and, with options like soft-close drawers, you won’t wake up the whole house opening cabinets and drawers anymore!

New Cabinet Refacing In Kitchen


Often, corners are grossly ignored, misused, or outright a disaster. Organize deceptively large corner spaces by installing a Lazy Susan feature, a cabinet that spins 360 degrees so you can store and access all your items without sacrificing precious square footage of storage. Feeling dizzy? L-shaped drawers fit into cabinets like most drawer and have become popular in the last few years. Call us today for more information on these neat new additions!

Trash Storage

No one wants to see or smell a trash can. Get all your bins in order by installing a sliding, pull-out trash unit in your island or main counter cabinetry, keeping it out of sight, out of mind, and most importantly out of your nose!

Vertical Dividers

Not everything is bulky. With vertical dividers you can easily store all tall and flat items in your kitchen – cutting boards, cookie tins, muffin sheets, baking pans, pot lids, cooling racks, and foldable pasta strainers

Keepin’ it Spicy

Want to make your food more flavorful but have nowhere for a proper spice rack? Organizing spices in a pull-out cabinet fitted near your stovetop and oven will let you experiment with all the flavors the world has to offer – right at your fingertips. With a 12-inch-wide pullout cabinet or two, you can safely dry-store as many spices as you can buy.