Quartz is a composite material which gives you the high-gloss look of granite without the maintenance issues. It has a very consistent color pattern and you can select a color without visiting the fabricator. Turnaround for Quartz is about 7 to 10 days from template to installation. Call (610) 253-8303 for an estimate and we can bring the samples to you. You can also view the colors online by clicking here.

Corian is a popular solid surface counter-top which is non-porous and low maintenance. It has a matte or satin finish and you can get an integrated sink made of Corian which is manufactured right into the counter-top. Corian colors can be viewed by clicking here.

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Why Choose Granite?

Natural stone is one of the most pleasing and practical materials available. It has its own individual strength and style, and it comes with nature’s own reassurance of enduring quality. Many homeowners are choosing granite for their kitchen and bathroom countertops. It isn’t just a trend – granite countertops are a long-lasting surface that will add value and beauty to your home.


For those who just don’t have it in the budget for Granite, Quartz, or Corian countertops, we also offer quality Laminate countertops. There have been major improvements recently in the color options and finishes available on high-quality laminates by Wilsonart and Formica. When using these new colors and doing the countertop with a bevel edge they will look like granite or solid surface for about 1/2 the cost of solid surface. You should also ask to see the new HD laminates which are absolutely gorgeous.

The Process

When purchasing solid surface counter-tops a template will be scheduled. Removal will occur the day before or the day of the template. Your cabinets will be checked for level. The installation will occur 7 to 10 days after template is completed. Our specialist will return to the job site to complete plumbing and appliance installations 24 hours after installation. This is necessary for proper curing of adhesives and caulking.

When purchasing a quality laminate counter-top measurements will be taken immediately. We will return within 2 to 3 weeks and remove your old counter-tops and install new ones on the same day. Plumbing and appliance installations will also occur on the same day.