Is It Time to Replace or Reface?

As we know, the kitchen is one of the most traveled rooms in the house. This constant occupancy leads almost all the appliances and furniture to wear out. Your home’s cabinet/storage solutions are no different. Cabinetry renovation is quite a serious undertaking, so read on to see what type of help you need.


If you are going to change the physical layout of your kitchen, do a full cabinet replacement. Without knowing what the remodeled space will look like, we can’t make educated decisions on what types of cabinets to get. This means salvaging the old cabinets might be impossible, even if they are still nice cabinets. 

Every 10 or so years you should replace your kitchen cabinets. Constant exposure to moisture, wear & tear, scratches, and dents, all take their toll on your cabinets. Don’t put off redoing your cabinets for too long or they may become your home’s biggest eyesore.

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing company

After years and years of damp dishes and boiling water erupting from your kitchen, other issues can affect your cabinets, especially if they are wood. The growth of mold and unsavory odors can really reduce the atmosphere of your home. So never let your cabinets get to this point and call All-Inclusive kitchen. 


If you have recently remodeled your home or kitchen, it is understandable if you do not want to completely start over with your cabinets. Go for a refacing instead if you believe your cabinets have a few more years in them or if you think they may fit in with future design aesthetics.

If a full cabinet replacement isn’t in the budget, a reface can get your kitchen to pop again for a fraction of the cost. Depending on how drastically you change the color of your cabinets, it can make your kitchen feel like a totally new room!

Whether you are getting a whole new set of cabinetry or are refacing your existing set, there is no wrong choice when going with All Inclusive Kitchens as your remodeling contractor. We can handle any job big or small and are happy to take on new clients any time! Call us if you want the best services in the cabinets and kitchen remodeling industry. Thank you for reading this blog and be sure to check back for more of the latest industry knowledge!