Kitchen Trends

With as much time as we have recently spent at home, it is normal to find ourselves needing a solid distraction from the monotony of isolation. It is normal to want to be occupied after such a long time spent primarily indoors. One of the best ways to destress while still being productive is to start a fancy design project inside your home. Take on a new remodel or room design, and in no time you will feel much better with your mind focusing on other things. What room should I start on you may ask. Well lets help you out with that! We recommend you start at the heart of your home, the kitchen. In an era of closed restaurants and limited to no gatherings, people are growing ever tired of uber and door dash and are turning towards cooking for themselves again. Therefore we must equip our home to be the optimal cooking environment so we can keep ourselves healthy for the long haul. Here we are going to discuss some trends cropping up in 2021 that will help you take your kitchen to a new level of both aesthetic and functionality!

Kitchen Trends 1

The copper comeback –

Copper has been a beautiful addition to many kitchens over the years, showing up as a favorite of some of the most talented interior designers such as Martha Stewart. Having your cooking area bedazzled with lustrous copper pots and pans can give your space that little extra something you have been looking for.

Must have marble –

As if marble ever left the spotlight, it is still and will be for the foreseeable future the focal point of many jaw dropping kitchens. Adorn your kitchen counter or island tops with a prestigious slab of veiny elaborate marble. The more color and texture the marble has, the better, so don’t hold back when it comes to making this selection.

Wood finishes –

Combining modern amenities and rustic aesthetic is gaining some real traction in the design world. Fear not, when it comes to combining multiple textures such as the aforementioned marble and copper with textured or reclaimed wood materials. If you are looking for an old school pioneer feel, you may want accents, cabinets, floors, or even walls to resemble a barn or cottage. Wood not only provides your space with a rustic feel, but you can have breathtaking hardwood added to your cooking area to create a sophisticated, yet subtle & earthy energy.

Going Dark –

Typically, a coat of dark black paint in the kitchen is the last thing on our minds. However, if the colors your eyes are used to are bright and distracting, it may very well be time to bring some seriousness into your home. Black paint is easier on the eyes and can make the room feel larger and more inviting if the trim and ceiling are all painted the same dark shade.

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