Kitchen Trends of 2022

Welcome in the new year and a new kitchen! Whether you’re looking to spice up your living space or renovating to sell before the market cools, an updated kitchen will automatically add value to your home. Here are some tips for new and continuing kitchen renovation trends of 2022.

Two Tone Cabinets

Two tone kitchens are a carryover trend from 2021 that are continuing strong in 2022. Mixing colors adds dimension and contrast to your kitchen and you’re no longer limited to white cabinets and a black island. Cabinets have had a recent rebirth in color choices with green and blue hues growing in popularity and cementing their dominance in kitchen colors. Play with wood textures and new materials to breach a modern-rustic divide by choosing a natural wood shade for an island, adding clean white quartzite countertops, and painting your surrounding cabinets a rich, matte green or navy blue.

Kitchen Trends of 2022
minimal kitchen

Sleek Simplicity

A clean kitchen is a marvel to see in more than just cleanliness. Modern kitchen trends from Europe are finally becoming popular in the US with modern, glass pane cabinets and backsplashes that are reflective in solid colors and reflect light for the illusion of a bigger, brighter kitchen. Adding to the sleek design includes new advancements in ‘touch to open’ systems for cabinets and hidden appliances for a flush appearance and clean lines and a simplistic look resembling modern art.

What’s Old Is New (Again)

Timber!! Is making a comeback as mid-century flair meets modern kitchens with added vintage colors brightening up the walls with faded colors of old. Dark walnut cabinetry with sleek, modern white countertops in modern materials such as concrete, quartz, and marble are making a comeback, keeping the style fresh. Adding to the vintage look includes vintage, handmade furniture and decoration, simple jointing, ceramic tile (sometimes in colorful glazes of yore),  and nostalgic sink skirts adding patterns and simple storage solutions that can be easily changed to fit your mood.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen
smart fridge

Smart Thinking

Are you tired of not having information? Of germ-y sinks? Welcome the future into your home with smart appliances and fancy gadgets that will actually make your life more  convenient. Today you can integrate every function in your home from taps to your fridge, lighting, and your oven. Motion sense faucets and taps have made their way into the kitchen, sensing the presence of hands and pans underneath for a one-touch or no-touch function. Refrigerators can tell you when you’re out of eggs or if your potatoes are close to spoiling. A fresh cup of coffee is only a touch away with phone programmed coffee makers and you don’t have to wait for your oven to preheat or miss a beep when it’s ready.