New Year, New Cabinets

This year, don’t commit to a full kitchen overhaul if you’re not ready. New cabinets are a great way to transform your kitchens and bathrooms without draining your bank account, taking up your entire kitchen for months at a time, or creating a huge mess!


New cabinets have a large impact on your kitchen. As the area taking up the large majority of your wall space, replacing or refacing your cabinets are a great way to change the color pallet of a room, update a style, or create more efficient storage for your ever-changing homemaking needs. Focusing on your activity triangle – the areas you’re most active by habit in your kitchen – you can create a better put-together environment for efficient cooking independent of your family’s size. Whether you’ve got five kids or two cats, animal storage, a proper snack drawer, built-in pantries, pull out microwaves for more counter space, and magic corner cabinets so you’re efficiently using every square inch of the room can make a big difference in your day-to-day.

New Cabinet Options

Don’t settle for old, grandma style cabinets. New cabinet options include a variety of materials from solid wood, fiberboard, laminate, and more, you’re likely to have just as many options for cabinet materials as you are for countertop materials. Unlike countertop materials, cabinets are less likely to incur damage from daily cooking and activity. Slamming cabinets can damage them over time, but you’re likely not using sharp knives, setting down hot pots, or using heavy cooking appliances on top of cabinets. 

New Cabinets

This allows you to have more freedom and peace of mind when choosing some unconventional materials that may not be touted for their excessive durability and equally excessive costs. 

Costs of New Cabinets

Your cost of cabinets is going to depend largely on three factors – linear foot, detailing, and material. Stock cabinets will be your most affordable option ranging from $50 to $200 per linear foot for materials and an additional $100 to $300 for labor and a small kitchen factoring around $13,000 for a small kitchen. Semi-custom wood and wood-like materials will range around $75 to $400 per linear foot plus $200 to $500 for labor. The cost for fully custom cabinets varies too widely for a statistical measure considering all the variables involved, but new cabinets in an old kitchen are still a great way to update your home for a fraction of the cost involved in a full home renovation. 

If you’re looking for an opportunity to make your new cabinets a reality, All Inclusive Kitchens is currently offering a new customer special for three roll out shelves with your cabinet refacing project! Call today and ask about all our deals and pricing!