Replacing vs. Refacing: Why You DON’T Need to Get New Cabinets

Do you know how easy it is to breathe new life back into your cabinets? Every day you see advertisements about perfect kitchen remodels replacing everything in the room. What if nothing in your kitchen is broken? What if it just needs a fresh face? You’re going to be spending more money than you need to on brand new cabinets that you might not like. Your style changes over the years, but that style shouldn’t put a dent in your wallet or schedule.

What is refacing vs. replacing a cabinet?

● When you replace the cabinets, you are removing them and having a brand new one installed. It’s a tedious process because these new cabinets will have to be leveled, attached to the walls, and the countertop will have to be replaced.

● With refacing a cabinet, the existing cabinets get a fresh layer of veneer, new drawer fronts, doors, etc. if needed. Nothing needs to be remeasured, and it’s guaranteed to fit back correctly.

New Cabinets

What are the benefits of refacing your cabinets?

1. It’s Cost-Effective: You’ll be paying for the veneer and whatever repairs the cabinets will need instead of a brand new cabinet set, whether it’s a kit or custom-built. In most cases, refacing will end up only being about half the cost of replacing everything.

Person Looking Through Cabinet Colors

2. Saves Time: Replacing cabinets takes as few days to complete, which means you can’t use your kitchen until they’re installed. You’re also dealing with the clutter of the tools, wood dust, and debris all over the place. Refacing can be done in a day or two depending on how many cabinets need to be serviced. Dust and debris will be minimal because you’re using the existing structure.

3. More Options: Even though you’re not getting new cabinets, you’ve expanded your style and color options! Essentially, these “new” cabinets will be customizable, so you can pick whatever stain or paint to match the style. You may not have that flexibility with replacing because the color is already applied.

4. Preserves the Countertops: Countertops are custom-fit to the existing cabinets, and chances are you won’t be able to recreate that perfect look if you replace the cabinets. No matter what you paid for the countertop, why should you spend the money on a new one if there’s nothing wrong with it? Refacing gives you the freedom to keep your existing countertop!

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If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen, don’t feel forced into spending more money than you need to. At All Inclusive Kitchens, we can bring your new style to life. Contact us today!