Why You Should Add a Quartz Countertop to Your Kitchen & Bathroom!

Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom (or both) with a new quartz countertop! As a composite material, quartz gives off a high-gloss look, similar to granite, but without the maintenance issues and not needing to break the bank. With an array of colors to choose from, you can make your kitchen and bath pop with this as a new fixture. Quartz is a great option for the kitchen due to its durability, so have no fear when it comes to spilling, whether it be wine or oil, you will have no issues with a single towel wipe. 

The same goes for your bathroom, as not only will quartz look grand with its versatility, but its enduring nature will make it last for some time. Be careful, however, that you avoid cleaning quartz at high temperatures, as the last thing your kitchen or bath needs is a cracked countertop. While quartz can withstand a fair amount of heat, be weary of excessive hotness. Quartz also does not work well with stronger cleaning chemicals. From template to installation, a quartz countertop from All Inclusive Kitchens has a time table of roughly a week to 10 days. Get in touch with us today to add a dazzling quartz countertop to your home!