You Can Do That With Refacing?!

In our last blog, you found out why refacing was much better for your kitchen than replacing everything. With this blog, we’re going to dive into what exactly you can do with refacing. You’ve done the hard part already; you’ve figured out what exactly needs to be updated throughout the space whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or any other room. There are several ways of customizing how you want the cabinet to look despite it utilizing the same space. Here are just a few ways you can use refacing to your advantage.

New Cabinet Refacing In Kitchen
  • Change Colors & Styles: Do you like the overall layout and how the cabinets are set up? Updating the cabinets doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul the rest of the room. Picking a different stain or paint color is much easier. You have the freedom to update the space more often than you originally thought possible.
  • Function Is Key: Specialty areas like islands with a sink or even a built-in countertop are much easier to update. Because of their unique additions, they can be a little challenging to update. Refacing focusing on the cabinet itself so no matter what color or style you choose, your unique features stay intact.
  • An Easy Swap: Have you discovered it’ll be easier to have a drawer instead of a cabinet door or visa versa? Simply updates to your cabinet storage are extremely easy with refacing. The door or drawer will need to be modified to fit the new space, but it’s a small section compared to being forced to modify a bigger section of the kitchen.
  • Upgrade Storage Solutions: Similar to the new door, you’ll have the freedom to update how the cabinet is being used. For example, you can have a rack, lazy Susans, and more installed to make storage more convenient. This is especially important if the installations are attracted to the drawers or doors themselves.
Lazy Susan
  • New Hardware: As your family grows or your styles change, the hardware on the cabinets may need to be updated. It could be specifically for baby/pet-proofing the space or simply updating it to match the new design.